About Thea


I am a Senior Experience Designer for VMLY&R New York, where I help brands come to life through user-focused design. I see experience design as another form of storytelling; it's just as challenging as fiction, but with its own tools and processes. Some tools are very useful in fiction as well, so I've started writing about them to help storytellers. On the flip side, I craft presentations for my work colleagues on more traditional storytelling tools such as the Hero's Journey, and how they can be used in our business.

I also write speculative stories that incorporate all of the elements I love: unique worlds, relatable villains, romance, familial bonds, and quite often technology and magic systems based on quantum physics (because I find it fascinating…and it runs in my family).

I have been a finalist for both the Colorado Gold Writing Contest and the Parsec Ink Short Story Contest. I have attended the Lighthouse Writers Workshop and the 2018 Futurescapes Writers' Workshop. You can contact me here.